My Journey

We would like to share our story.
Our journey started a few years ago with the tragic loss of family.
The weight of this hardship made me step back and reevaluate what was truly important. 
We set to work with a good family friend and with help from our sons we built our little Magic bus.
  Born with a Gypsy soul we loaded it up and set out to see if we could make a difference.
We traveled to Bike Rallies & Music Festivals across western Canada, promoting Positive Energy & Light through our love of the Motorcycle Culture.  As the miles rolled by the Energy grew and with it the family bond that seems so lost today had begun to Strengthen. 
We’ve hit a few bumps and dips in the road but we straightened it out and twisted the throttle!
What started as our path.. Lead to a Trail that then turned into a road and now merges into a highway!
 Welcome to your Loco Amigos!